Yoga has become quite a large part of life down in San juan del Sur for many of it’s residents and visitors. When people move or visit here, it’s often to take a step out of the rat race, reflect on life, take more time for yourself and to enjoy the things that matter.

Yoga allows you to do this, and as such, we have seen a great community built up around it, whether you want to be out in the jungle, on the beach, in town, with a group of people or doing a private session, there is something for everyone when it comes to yoga in San Juan del Sur

There is something about Nicaragua’s relaxing environment, vibrant people, incredible nature and it’s beaches which make it a perfect place in the world to practice yoga.  Even if you have never tried it before and you want to start as a beginner, or if you have been doing it for years as an experienced teacher, you will love what Nicaragua has on offer for Yoga and Yogi’s.

There are lots of different types of yoga, here are just a few of the more popular ones!:

Flow Vinyasa – A delicious and inspired class; a graceful flow of postures.

Power Vinyasa – A challenging and fun class, synchronizing your movement with breath. Expect multiple arm balances, inversions, strengthening standing postures in creative sequences, great music and incredible group energy.

Hatha Yoga – The Sanskrit translation  “Ha” meaning “sun,” and “tha” moon, is a practice of yoga designed to create balance.  By bringing the mind, body and breath into alignment, Hatha asanas allow energy to flow freely,massage internal organs, enhance circulation, digestion and hormonal activity, and are assured to rejuvenate even the most tired of bodies from the inside out.

Restorative Yoga – Let yourself be guided through a series of prop-assisted soothing postures while using the breath to slow down and savor the beautiful moments of life. A deeply relaxing and healing experience that nurtures the body completely.

Dance is something that has always been part of latin culture, it won’t take you long to realize it’s importance when you see the parades going through town, the people dancing the nights away and the traditional music that accompanies the dancing coming from every group of people just hanging out.  It really is a special vibe, and Nicaragua does it incredibly well.

Don’t be afraid if you can’t do it very well, or if you want to learn more, there are some great classes on offer to brush up on your skills, no matter what your level.