Masaya, called the City of Flowers, is located between Granada and Managua, It is also home to the Masaya Volcano. This area is the heart of Nicaraguan handicrafts. If you looking for unique Nicaraguan products such as hand woven hammocks, embroidered blouses, ceramics, wood carvings, and hemp weaving, the market is the place to go! The Arts and Crafts market of Masaya is also called the Indian Market.

Just outside the city is one of Nicaragua’s most awesome and spectacular attractions: Masaya Volcano National Park. Its exotic and sometimes eerie ambiance was formed by old eruptions and lava flow. In the center of the park you see the two volcanoes Masaya and Nindiri, with a total of five craters. You are able to drive to the rim of the Santiago Crater which is 1,640 feet wide and 656 feet deep, and still emits wisps of steam.

By climbing to the top of one of the observation points in the park, you are able to enjoy the breathtaking sight of Managua, Lake Managua, Masaya Lagoon and the Mombacho Volcano. With authorization from the park administration, you can explore along the main trail where you will see dark and porous lava solidified since the eruption of 1772. You will also see steam vents, which are still active, and lava caves. The park also contains a Museum of Anthropology, nature trails, a restaurant and bar, and camping areas.

Apoyo Lagoon is a gigantic volcanic crater measuring four miles wide and over 656 feet deep. It is a great fishing spot, but also popular for all water sports including sailing and diving. It is also an area coveted for frequent archaeological findings.

Getting to Masaya from San Juan del Sur: Masaya is on the doorstep to Granada, so just take a bus or taxi to Rivas and from there take a bus direct to Granada and connect in Granada, either by bus, taxi or shuttle.

Travel time: 1 hr 15 mins