If you want to party the night away, then there’s some great open bars on Nicaragua’s sandy beaches serving everything from the delicious local rum & beers to wines & fresh fruit cocktails. There’s Happy Hours every night at various bars to get everyone together, live music & clubs to dance the night away. There’s never a dull night in San Juan del Sur!

If you fancy something away from the beach or maybe want to check out somewhere with views, then there are a couple of great bars and restaurants located up in the hills outside of town or overlooking some of the other popular beaches along the coastline down below.

Nicaragua has a great food culture and the influx of new businesses in San Juan del Sur has attracted many top restaurants bringing an international flair to the already delicious local cuisine, from the chicken lady grilling on the street, to authentic italian pizzerias and gourmet restaurants that always amaze! If you’re looking healthy eats, then try the newly opened Salud! on the corner in the center of town, or Jicaro (Mediterranean cuisine) or G & G for something fancy if you’re looking for a great date night spot.

We’ve even decided to open up our Girl’s SanJuanSurf shop later in the evening and serve wine so you can drink and shop if you like!