This is a must! Take a Canopy Tour through the trees of Nicaragua’s tropical forests in the hills high above San Juan del Sur. You will fly down the zip lines with an incredible backdrop of the Bay on the horizon and scream as you reach some pretty high speeds! (Don’t worry, it’s all very safe though!)

You are right in the thick of it as far as nature and you’ll likely whizz past monkeys in the trees, toucans and other tropical birds and maybe even a sloth if you’re lucky!

This is all in a beautiful nature reserve area so you know you are experiencing something special and protected and there’s plenty of fun to be had.  The park has 10 platforms, 7 zip lines, 1 inclined Rappel and 1 Stairs Bridge!  in addition to this, there is even and Iguana park there if you want to go look at these interesting creatures.