Whether it’s a deep sea fishing trip with your family or friends, a relaxing sunset cruise with food, drink & live music, or a sail to snorkel all the hidden coves – there are so many boat trip options it’s hard to know which ones to choose!

Fishing: This is a great thing to do on vacation while you are down here in Nicaragua. Sea life is abundant here on the pacific coast and the varieties change with the seasons.  You can expect to catch Tuna or Mahi Mahi (Dorado as it’s known locally) among others and the local fisherman and guides will know all the best spots to take you.

Surfing:  If you are looking to get to those special spots away from the crowds (although, we really don’t have what your average surfer would call crowds in Nicaragua), then a boat trip is the best way.  Grab your friends and your boards an head up to find those difficult to get to spots.  There are some great operations in town run by some great surfers, our favorite one being owned by legendary surfer/ shaper Tom Eberly (Lightning Bolt – we’ll let him tell you his incredible stories as you drink a beer on the way back from the surf.

Here’s a little bit from them: “Nicasurf International knows you want to spend your time surfing. Get there with speed, in a 25 foot surf craft equipped with twin 140hp Suzuki 4-stroke motors. It is also equipped with a GPS, fish finder, 4 poles and reels, 2 trolling and 2 casting. From the beginner to the more advanced surfer, Nicaragua has it all…not to mention the 300+ days of offshore winds per year.” Thanks Tom and see you in the water!

Booze Cruise: For those out there looking for a more relaxed time with less strenuous exercise involved and more fun, the booze cruise could be what you are looking for – imagine hitting the water, having a few drinks while the sunsets on the horizon and painting this beautiful town we call home with an incredible orange tint that you’ll want to keep taking photos of to remember.  That pretty much summarizes this activity in one paragraph perfectly.

Snorkeling:  There is a some great snorkeling around southern Nicaragua.  Obviously, it will never beat the Caribbean, so don’t expect visibility like that, but on the right day, it really can be beautiful, and there are some great little spot to head to offshore in a boat where you guide can take you and make sure you have a great time with friends and family!