Welcome to Nicaragua

There is so much to do in the beautiful tropical paradise that is Southern Nicaragua!

Nicaragua has long been famous for surfing, it really is a surfer’s dream – Waves for all levels and an abundance of secret spots yet to be discovered!

But that is far from all there is to do here, and we hope this page can help you get a good idea of other amazing activities, places of interest, sports, cultural spots and natural wonders that are a must-see!

In the area surrounding San Juan del Sur, there are stunning landscapes, tropical jungle and volcanic terrain, which allows for some unforgettable on land fun & adventure.

For those of you wanting to relax, to the adrenaline junkies – these experiences shouldn’t be missed!

Nicaragua has an abundance of culture and history readily viewable for all visitors to see. From San Juan del Sur there are tours to the Colonial Cities of Granada and Leon, to the markets of Masaya and the incredible Lakes and Volcanoes which have made this country so beautiful and full of life.