San Juan Surf is the definitive directory and guide for tourists and locals in San Juan del Sur . Discover Nicaragua

The wildlife in Nicaragua is spectacular! During your stay in San Juan del Sur you will be likely to witness everything from the quirky Howler Monkey to the iridescent Morpho Butterfly. If you're lucky you may find yourself swimming next to a turtle. See below for what to spot & how you can protect these incredible creatures during your stay.

The howlwer monkey is the Luodest Animal

Male howler monkeys use their big voices to defend their turf. Howls by one troop are answered by other males within earshot. Every-one starts and ends the day by checking out where their nearest competitors are. In this way, they protect the food in...

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Thousands of sea turtles Visit La Flor

Nicaragua is blessed with several beaches where the Olive Ridley turtles come to lay there eggs. These sea turtles weigh about 45 kg and are spread throughout the world. There are nesting sites in Asia and Africa as well, but despite this dispersion ...

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Spot a Toucan

The toucan's colorful bill gives new meaning to the phrase cool dude. Indeed, that gigantic schnoz turns out to be a radiator the rain forest dweller uses to lose body heat. The bill of the Toco Toucan makes up about one-third of its body length and ...

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Freshwather sharks & Hot Springs

Whether true freshwater sharks exist or not is still somewhat of an open question. There is no doubt that there are sharks that live in freshwater, but most of these species are really marine sharks that are able to migrate up into freshwater and liv...

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In rainy season new creatures appear

Frogs and toads are amphibians, animals who begin their lives in the water (breathing with gills) and then, during maturity, live on land (breathing with lungs). The word amphibian means "double life." Frogs and toads are found all around the world, ...

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