Tips for learners

It’s hard enough learnig to surf, let alone having to keep an eye out for other people when there are big waves crashing on top of you and you’re holding what initially feels like a piece of furniture!!

There are a few important things to remember when learning to surf that many instructors bypass during your lesson. Surfing etiquette! So here’s a rundown of the main points to ensure that give yourself (and other people), the best start to you new favorite pastime.

-Learn where you can see lots of space and there’s a little chance of knocking into someone. Find the quietest part of the beach so that there’s less chance of a collision. It will help your confidence and learning to surf is a lot of do with building up your confidence in water.

-Learn the inside rule! *see illustration below This is a really important one. If you feel you are ready to go out back (past the breaking waves), make sure to learn the inside rule!!! Whoever is nearest the breaking point of the wave has right of way… see the illustration below to help you understand.

-Be friendly in the water! You’re on vacation, life is good, if you find yourself stressed in the water…get out, get a fish taco and crack open a Tona!!!!